Starting the week of Monday, February 2, 2015, we will be starting a mandatory student journal . Every Friday you are responsible for summing up what you did the previous week.

1.You must be logged in to post to your blog .

2. Go to the Dashboard >Posts

3. Create a new post. Title the post with a short name and the date(eg. January-30-2014). Your post will briefly sum up what you accomplished the week prior and evaluate your progress by explaining what you learned or didn’t learn, any issues you had, and set a goal for the upcoming week.You may add a featured image if you wish (for example a screenshot of your unfinished work so you can keep track of our progress from week to week).

5. Choose your category. The category that you post to will be your name(for example: I will only be allowed to make a post with a “nancy” category).

6. Mark it private. Only you and I can see your journal.

7. Click Publish and there you have it!