The Capstone Project is the culmination of our work throughout the year in Digital media and should reflect your area of concentration, graphics, video, music, or radio and communications, or a combination and include elements of what you have learned and practiced all year. You may work alone or in a group (as long as each person in the group is equally responsible for the contents of the project.

1.Proposal: Fill in the proposal form and turn it in by the supplied date.

2. Conference: Speak with Ms. R about your proposal and to clear up any questions and/or refine your ideas.

3. Narrative reflection paper (2-3 pages, double-spaced,MLA Format): Students are expected to provide a coherent narrative of their work that identifies thematic connections between their coursework and practical experiences, and outline how their progress ties in with their goals for the future.It should justify why the student chose their project and why it is worthy to reflect the culmination of the entire year. It should include what the goal of the project was and if it succeeded. Any outside resources or inspiration used should also be noted. If it is a  group project, outline exactly what each person contributed.

4.Mood Board: A Pinterest board should be set up with any photo or inspiration for your project including any references you used (both on and offline). If you are doing anything involving graphics, include colors and design elements that yu may have incorporated into your project.

5. Website: At the beginning of Term 3, you will create a website that will hold links to all the information revolving around your project and will actually link to or display your project. For some of you, it will become your project.

6. Presentation: You will present the project the last week of school to the class and be able to respond to questions and teacher and class critique. (Days for each presentation will be assigned).