BLOGGING for MId-Term Instructions

A.Go to the Dashboard of

B. Select Post>New Post

C. You are going to create 2 Posts IMPORTANT: use category-“Mid Term Tech”

“Mid Term Music”

D. You must include an image and/or a video embed

POST 1: Go to and choose one of the latest technology Topics from 2-3 different sources. Repost the info in your own words -giving credit to the original poster ( i.e. CNET) and give your own opinion about it.

POST 2:  Choose one of the three music videos on the page and review it. 

[wpdm_package id=’363′]

Artist:Rachel Taylor

Title: Magnetic

Genre: Alternative/Folk

Artist: The Wild After

Title: Ocean Floor

Genre: Indie

Artist: Hurray for the Riff Raff

Title: The Body Electric

Genre: Alternative Country