Quiz #1 POV, Adaptation and Photography

This quiz covers the first 2 reading assignments in Digital Media this year and relates to the film To Kill A Mockingbird.
You may use your notes to take this short first quiz.

1. To Kill A Mockingbird is narrated from which POV (Point of View)?
2. Omniscient viewpoint differs from First Person Viewpoint in that it:
3. To Kill A Mocking bird is an example of this type of adaptation:
4. Which 2 styles of film could be attributed to To Kill A Mockingbird ?
5. high2Identify this shot Angle:
6. eyeWhat is the Angle of this shot?
7. desktop_boo_lolIdentify this shot category:
8. mediumDefine this Shot Category:
9. establishIdentify this shot categry:
10. bird
11. closeWhat category of shot is this photo?
12. highangleWhat camera angle was used for this shot?
13. highWhich Angle was used in this shot?
14. Judging by the majority of shots in this film and the types of scenes, which type of lenses were mostly used by the cinematographer;
15. This film was shot in 1962. The Director, Robert Mulligan, chose to shoot it in Black and white. Lighting  and conveyance of mood was very important to the film .

Which Lighting Key best applies to the way this film was shot?
16. This film required fast film stock for many scenes because…
17. Which of the following is not an advantage of Digital Film technology ?
18. In the opening credits of the film we see several objects in a cigar box. This is an example of :
19. Hitchcock  was known for his extensive use of this method to ensure the cinematographer would adhere to his direction.
20. Sidney Lumen, known for his lighting and lens knowledge , created this for  cinematographers.
21. lowangleThis angle is a _____shot.