Quiz #2-Understanding Movies Chapters 2-3

This is an Open Note Quiz on the terms from Chapters 2-3 and also how they relate to Fantastic Mr. Fox. There are 20 Questions. Each Question is worth 5 points. Good Luck!

1. Placing a camera in such a manner as to anticipate the movement of an action before it occurs is known as …
2. Mise En Scene refers to :
3. True or False: Aspect ratio can change from scene to scene in a film.
4. The following can be said about formalists in framing film scenes:
5. To show a person has dominance in a film you would place them ( more than one answer may be required)
6. When a person is framed on the left or right edge of a scene it usually indicates that
7. Moving a camera back and forth between two actors having a conversation in known as
8. Which of the following is not a visual plane of a frame?
9. Which of the proxemic patterns would be used to shoot a scene in a crowded airport.
10. Which proxemic pattern would be used to film a scene in Office Space where 5-10 actores are gathered in a boardroom.
11. What would be the significance of having a character completely off-frame for several seconds in a scene before entering?
12. In the clip below, which framing method was used to create the scene?

13. In the clip below, which framing mechanism was used?

14. In this clip, which framing device was used to set up the mise en scene?

15. This  is an example of which type of framing?

16. Although this is  painted scenery in the animated movie, it is and example of what type of framing shot/

17. This clip is an example of _________

18. This shot could be an example of anticipatory set up…


19. Ash is portrayed  in this clip towards the end of the movie because…

20. Which proxemic pattern was  applied to this shot?