CHapter 1 -Photography (Retake)

This is version 2 of the Chapter 1 – Photography Quiz . The questions are the same but jumbled. Good Luck.

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Can I Use This Picture?

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11:14 is a American Indie Thriller based on 5 separate plots that that converge up to a car crash at 11:14 pm. All of these series of flashbacks do not seem like they relate to on another in the beginning but the story gradually reveals itself towards the end. These chain of events are from 5 different characters and their stories that all converge to tell the story of murder and deceit. I was mainly drawn in my the opening credits. They appear as vehicles in an animated street scene, stopping at intersections, turning corners, and going different speeds. In the end everything clicks together, unraveling the mysteries and leaves nothing hanging which is why this movie ended up being so enjoyable! It was interesting to see how various lies and deception leads to murder.

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko has had an immense impression on me. After reading the explanation, I keep thinking about time and destiny and how easily someone could create a theory so in depth about a “Tangent Universe.” I wish though, that the movie made it more clear that the “manipulating living” and “manipulated dead” were trying to help Donnie end the tangent universe. Even giving a hint to why he did those many strange things would be helpful in understanding the plot– provided you had not read the full explanation. But I guess that gives it the allure, not knowing really what’s going on. It certainly captured my attention. I even used this movie as inspiration for my “ghost story” I had to write in English class.

chapter 6 objectives

  1. extras- used to add in a sense of a crowd, so its not just the main actors. they usually don’t have any lines.
  2. nonprofessional performers- not professional or particularly good at acting but they look like the characterization of the part.
  3. trained professionals- actors and actresses that can play many different roles in film
  4. stars- well known performers that most people know and can recognize, usually they are good actors.

Stage acting- stage actors need to be genuine in their part and believable, even if the part seems to be foolish. they must always be seen and have to take credit for all the acting.

Screen acting- an actor in movies and videos. not as much of a responsibility as a stage actor because it is not all live action and a straight show. There are cuts and edits in this acting.

Victoria Middleton- The Shining

The Shining is one of the greatest horror films of all time, not only because of the plot but because of the extraordinary filming, acting, and directing. The film is made with a formalistic approach to color and angles. Stanley Kubrick is methodical is arranging each shot and each scene so that there is so object without meaning. His use of color intensifies the horror of the film, as he contrasts deep blood reds and eery greens with the stark white snowy landscapes. He varies brief startling shots with long, lingering eery frames to keep the audience on their feet. The acting in the film is equally impressive. As the film progresses, we watch the Torrance family fall from minor oddity to full fledged paranoia or madness.Jack Nicholas’s portrayal of Jack Torrance’s descent into homicidal insanity is enthralling and, somehow, believable. Shelley Duvall’s performance as his loyal wife, who’s anxiety heighten as the film goes on, is equally enthralling. Even the son, Danny’s, performance is commendable.