All of the events in this movie ultimately track back to the daughter, Cheri. She was the reason the drunk man was driving to her at night, which led to the “deer”¬†accident. The boy that was dead in the graveyard was also her fault, which her father found and threw him off a bridge, back to the car accident. The¬†convenient store shooting and robbery. Her own lie over the abortion money she needed from her two boyfriends for her fake baby eventually killed her. When she walked into the road to get the rest of her money to kill a baby in her (that was fake), a car kills her instead. Her lie caught up to her and not only killed one of her boyfriends but left one behing thinking he could’ve been a father, a woman with a shot arm, a teenage boy that is now dickless, scarred teenagers, depressed parents and two friends (drunk guy and friend on phone) in shambles. And all of this happened by 11:14 at night. Morals of the story, don’t have pre-marital sex, you’ll die. Don’t lie, you’ll die. Don’t pee out of a car window, you’ll be without genitals. Don’t steal from a store you work at, you’ll be arrested. Don’t drink and drive, you’ll get arrested again. Being a good friend is always appreciated.