12 Years A Slave is a cinematic depiction of the hardship and injustices of the American slave system. The film is taken from a true story of a freeman who was kidnapped and forced into a long stint in the life of a slave. 12 Years differs from other movies of similar subject in its realism. For example, Django Unchained is similar in in content and themes but is much more stylized. The more true to life approach taken by the director of 12 Years evokes the audience’s sense of empathy as they are often horrified by the conditions endured by the protagonist and the hatefulness of free white men around him. The actors give extremely convincing portrayals that depict a wide of human emotional. The film is not completely realistic however and utilizes many stylistic¬†elements, such as lingering shots sand the juxtaposition of sights and songs, often including slave chants.