1. Identify 4 categories of film acting and their purposes within film.

~extras- actors who are used to provide a sense of crowd in film

~non-professional- actors who are not chosen to be in the film because of their acting skills, but are chosen for their appearance.

~trained professionals- these actors are trained very well and can play a variety of characters.

~stars- performers who are very well known in the public. Them being in the film alone can attract a lot of people to watch it.

2. Stage and Screen acting are 2 extremely different types of acting. You can be a good screen actor but not a good stage actor and vice versa. To be a good stage actor you have to know how to move your whole body during the performance since there is no camera to crop you and everyone can see your whole body. Yet in screen acting some shots might just be your face or your hands. Also with stage acting you have to know how to project your voice so everyone can hear you. With screen acting you can speak in your normal voice.