12 Years a slave was a very serious film and I thought the camera angles used were a good way of portraying the emotion and hardships of the slaves. A lot of the scenes were very still and quiet, but a lot happened within them. I recall one scene when they just showed the main character hanging from the tree, just struggling to stay alive. There was not much action occurring, no talking and nobody helping him. However, in the background we saw many people walking about their daily lives and not even paying attention to him hanging from the tree. I think this scene speaks on levels that nobody else has to because we saw that these people went through such harsh conditions and punishments, that they were too scared to even save their own friend. Yes, eventually he gets down from the tree, but in the time we spent watching him hang there, we began to feel even more sympathy for him than we already did. I myself wanted to just go help him because nobody else would. 12 Years a Slave showed a lot of emotion overall, which I liked, even though I thought it was sad.