1. The four categories of film actors are:

Extras: actors used primarily to present a sense of a crowd.

Non pros: These people are not chosen fort heir acting ability but more so for the fact they fit the look of the part/

Trained pros: people capable of playing a variety of roles in a variety of styles

Stars: people widely recognized and loved by the public. their presence is crucial in the movie, and is one of the main attractions of the work.

2.  On screen, actors are not able to fully get into their characters since their performances often require so many takes. But on stage, they are able to move with more freedom and not have to minimalize their facial expressions.

3.  The benefits of being a film star is the fact that you can do something good with your power and publicity. Actors like George Clooney use their publicity to promote critical issues, while some actors fame drives them to the brink and their lives spiral out of control in the eyes of the public. The star system “was developed and has been dominated by the American cinema, though it’s hardly unique to movies. Virtually all the performing arts—opera, dance, live theater, television, concert music—have exploited the box-office popularity of a charismatic performer”.