Upon reading the explanation of Donnie Darko, I was concerned to learn that his schizophrenic power is considered a blessing necessary to save the world. Throughout the movie Donnie commits actions willed by the manipulated dead, Frank, that are seemingly preposterous. However, as the reasoning behind his actions are exposed, it becomes evident that each event is crucial to his ultimate sacrifice of making sure the Tangent Universe dissolves properly. Combined with help from Gretchen, his teachers, Frank, Roberta Sparrow, and the powers that deem him blessed, Donnie is able to delete the Tangent Universe and secure the reintroduction of the Primary Universe.

These powers were difficult to interpret during the movie because of the overlapping universe. Though it is evident that Donnie is a gifted communicator, I was unable to preserve his other powers, including telekinesis. He employed these forces in the last part of the film when dismounting the jet engine from the aircraft and sending it through the portal. By eradicating the duplicated object, Donnie ensures the prolongment of the Primary Universe. Unfortunately Donnie does not survive his heroic endeavor, rendering him useless to the next living receiver. However, Roberta Sparrow and her book live on to guide the future living receivers.

The continual inception and destruction of Tangent Universes keeps the concept of the film weird, interesting, and relevant. The phycological nature of the movie, Donnie Darko, produces a captivating film that forces the audience to engage with and interpret each aspect of the events pertaining to the plot.