The whole primary and tangent universe confuses me enough as it is and this movie did not help. Seeing how what happens in the tangent universe effects the primary universe is interesting. Ultimately, at the end of the movie, Donnie kills himself in the primary universe by using his own mind in the tangent universe to send off the plane engine. In the tangent universe, this kills his mother, sister, and her whole dance team. Before this event, Gretchen dies, leading to the death of the man in the bunny suit, who befriends Donnie as Frank. All 28 days pass in the tangent universe, meanwhile he’s just sleeping in the primary universe. When 28 days of “dreaming” passes, Donnie wakes up,¬†laughing as he realizes, it was all a “dream”. Followed by him falling asleep, the engine that he sent off in his mind in the tangent universe, comes and falls in his room, killing him. Overall, this is all just very confusing and makes me think about tangent and primary universes more. I’m not even sure if I believe in them or if I have a choice to.