Donnie Darko is a sci-fi thriller. It shows time travel and Donnie Darko being a paranoid schizophrenic. The movie shows all the things that Donnie is seeing in his dreams which are things that will happen if he doesn’t die from the jet engine falling through his house, so it was either him dying or everyone he loves dies. Donnie meets Roberta Sparrow who wrote a book called Philosophy of Time travel which Donnie reads and learns from. They called Roberta “Grandma Death” which Donnie ends up speaking with her for a brief moment she says the time is coming you bette get ready. The time travel aspect that they use in the movie is that the tangent universe which is also called parallel universe shows that all the bad things in Donnie’s life happen in his parallel universe in his dream. The manipulated death which frank who donnie kills and gretchen is also the manipulated death.