Donnie Darko is an incredibly complex and amazing film. Young Jake G really does the twisted character immense justice. One of my favorite scenes in the whole movie is the juxtaposition between Donnie lighting the home on fire and the young girls dancing at the talent show/ the scene where Donnie refers to Jim Cunningham as the “anti-Christ”. It gives a unique perspective on depression, schizophrenia, and death and the overall value of our lives. The film is a cult classic and is beautifully shot, especially those that incorporate nature.

The unexplained phenomenon of the TU is crazy. It really makes you reflect upon all the incidents of the film and somewhat explains the erratic behavior of the characters.Also, the fact that Gretchen is Manipulated Dead was pretty depressing, because she seems like the one redeemable quality of Donnie’s life. But she is an interesting contrast from Frank. This is the second time that I have seen this movie and the theory really twisted this movie up for me!! It did clarify some of the strange occurrences that happen within this film, but I kind of enjoyed it complexities and not being able to understand it. It gave the film a deeper mystery behind it.