Donnie Darko was a very in depth movie. With the ideas of time travel and a tangent universe makes it hard at first to wrap your mind around these concepts. This is the type of movie that should be watched more than once so you can understand the ideas they had. In the real universe there is nothing but darkness, anger, chaos, and fear. But in the tangent universe everything was good. Besides Frank. Frank was a bad character and influence on Donnie. I think this because when Donnie shot him, he began to haunt Donnie in his tangent universe. He would make him do things that were bad. Things like flooding the school and burning that guys house down. People in the tangent universe that died in there know whats going in the real universe and the tangent. The two people that could do this was Frank and Gretchin. The reason Frank killed Donnie in the tangent world is because Donnie killed Frank in the real world.