After watching the middle and ending of Fargo I thoroughly enjoyed and took note of the irony and crude humor elements in the dialogue and action. While the plot is based around numerous grisly murders and crime, the added sense of comedy whether it be the Minnesotan ¬†accents, airhead police, or awkwardly entertaining scenes, they help to conjure elements of amusement and hilarity. I believe the quick changes of mood from comedy to a sense of thrill or fright helped move the story along while keeping it very entertaining. Lastly I really liked the creation of the female cop character Marge. She added onto the irony and comedy aspects of the film and was personally my favorite character. I think her character brought a slight sense of sarcasm and mirth to the plot; a pregnant, female, lone cop ended up being the demise of the large and tough “bad-guy” character Gaear.