Fair Use 2

Based on Video 1 in Front Page Slider

1. Which of the following is not always required when taking steps to avoid copyright infringement?
2. You can use an entire original work from someone if you are using it for educational purposes.
3. I can make a profit from my work if I only use a small portion of someone else’s in it?
4. If I am writing a blog I can use a part of another commentator’s article.
5. If I crop and rework a graphic element from someone else and use it in an entirely new way than the original artist I can claim fair use.

Mac Shortcuts

SHortcuts based on Film #2 in the Front Page SLider

6. The Shortcut Keys  Command + Tab  when pressed together do the following:
7. Pressing the Command + Spacebar Keys together does the following:
8. Pressing the Command + Q keys at the same time does the following:
9. Pressing the Command + Tic Key simultaneously does the following:


Based on Videos #3, #4 and #5 in Front Page Slider

10. Choose either video #3, #4 or #5 on the Digital Media front page slider and sum up what it’s message is in a paragraph.


11. In the video above, what framing device was used to capture this scene?