I think the director is so creative. The movie takes place in a tangent universe that is started because an artifact comes into the world. Donnie is chosen as the living receiver and he has to get rid of the artifact (the jet engine) in order to save the primary universe. Donnie does not realize he was chosen at first, and talks to frank. Frank and Gretchen are the manipulated dead and they can travel through time and talk to the living receiver. They also kind of know about the disaster that is about to come up. Also everyone affiliated with with Donnie through out the movie such as his english teacher or his family also help him and are manipulated living.

After reading the theory of the website everything really made sense. Every scene has a purpose and helps Donnie on his journey. I love how you subtly can tell that Donnie has a mission. The theory makes the whole movie fall into place. Without knowing the theory it is a little murky of what the purpose of Donnie’s actions in the film. However I loved how the film was filmed and I thought the acting was great. The scenes with frank were very creative and donnie’s acting was amazing.